Sailing Cures Everything

Exclusive Yacht Parties, Hidden Turquoise Coves, & Nautical T-Shirts

The smell of saltwater, the ocean mist, and the inner call that coaxes us onto the open seas - Ahoy and welcome to the V.S. Yacht Club. Established in 1976 by legendary seaman Captain Lars Jorgan and a crew of like minded sea dogs - today the journey continues, and the infamous Captain's Lounge party lives on...

Whether you’re searching for new and exotic ports of entry, or simply want to lounge to yacht rock classics - sit back, grab a drink, and sail with us into the breezy golden California sunset. Anchors away and adventure ho! May your sails stay full and your masts stand firm.


V.S. Yacht Club Coachella Pool Party 2015

Our annual Coachella Pool Party is coming up